3 Key Tools To Help Manage Your High During The Holidays

The holidays are a time that we like to indulge in all the things. In recent years, cannabis has been an ever-present companion during this time of peace and love. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely hard on some people’s nerves or cause mental fog. Here are 3 ways you can manage your high without going overboard or being too stoned out of mind!

The “i’m so stressed out i want to cry” is a popular phrase that many people use during the holidays. The 3 key tools to help manage your high during the holidays are: 1) CBD Oil 2) A vaporizer 3) A safe space.

Going high is usually fun, but getting too high may lead to a slew of issues. Even worse, nothing may deflate a high quicker than unwittingly being the focus of attention.

It’s even more awkward to do so around the holidays, when there are so many family and business parties to attend. Fortunately, there are a few items that cannabis users may have on hand to help mitigate the effects of overindulgence.  

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Most cannabis users already know that having a drink on hand is a good idea for a variety of reasons. Lemonade is especially good since the citrus may aid to counteract the effects of THC owing to the presence of limonene terpenes, which improve alertness when consumed.

While eating lemon slices or peels is the greatest method to get the terpenes needed to counteract the effects of THC, it may not be the most subtle approach to manage your high. However, in most circumstances, no one will make any assumptions about you drinking a bottle of lemonade. Lemonade also helps individuals get rid of the cottonmouth that occurs with marijuana use.

Though it may seem surprising, lemonade may be the most effective tool for coping with an overwhelming high.

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Another that may seem weird is something that most people have already stashed in their medical cabinet. While ibuprofen is excellent for treating head and body pains, it has also been demonstrated to assist users regulate their high after overdoing it on THC.

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In a 2013 study published in the journal Cell, researchers discovered that a low dose of ibuprofen was helpful in reducing the effects of THC in certain individuals. Given this, having a few ibuprofen pills on hand might be critical in assisting individuals in overcoming the effects of THC intake.

Ibuprofen may be taken in public or privately in an unobtrusive manner. In any case, knowing the benefits they may have in balancing an unpleasant high this Christmas season might be a lifesaver.

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CBD, whether in the form of a vape pen or candies, might be the most effective way to assist individuals cope with an uncontrollable high. Scientific data suggests that the cannabinoid possesses qualities that counteract THC’s effects. Given this, having a CBD pen, oil, or gummies on hand might be helpful in combating an overpowering high over the holidays.

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Contemplating this, anyone considering utilizing CBD vape pens to get high should be somewhat more aware of their surroundings, since vaping isn’t universally approved and may raise inquiries or suspicions.  

The holidays provide a plethora of unexpected events that might make life unpleasant or stressful. Anyone in a scenario where they need to come down quickly should be able to obtain any of the above goods at any gas station or convenience shop, which may be helpful in managing a high at holiday get-togethers.

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