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Welcome to SavingThePlants.com, where the green-thumbed dynamic duo, Elizabeth and Jane, have turned their passion for photosynthesis and penchant for puns into the most entertaining environmental website this side of the Amazon.

Our Mission

Not your typical eco-warriors, these two believe that every plant deserves a spotlight—even the ones that aren’t succulents (shocking, we know). Elizabeth, with her encyclopedic knowledge of rainforest rarities, and Jane, who can tell you why your fern is sulking from across the room, have cultivated a digital oasis where learning about our leafy friends is as fun as finding a four-leaf clover on the first try. They started SavingThePlants.com with a mission: to make caring for our planet a joy-filled adventure, peppered with laughter, light-heartedness, and a liberal sprinkling of compost humor.

From the depths of the jungle to the desert’s dry beauty, no ecosystem is too obscure for our intrepid co-founders to explore. Expect content that ranges from “The Secret Social Life of Trees” (yes, they’re gossiping about you) to “How Not to Kill Your Cactus” (spoiler: they need water, too), all delivered with wit and wisdom. Elizabeth and Jane are here to prove that environmentalism doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom—sometimes, it’s about sharing a giggle over a geranium’s latest antics.

So, strap on your gardening gloves, and prepare to dive into a world where plants are king, and humor blossoms in every corner. At SavingThePlants.com, Elizabeth and Jane are leading the charge, one plant pun at a time, because if we’re going to save the world, we might as well laugh while we’re at it. Join us for a journey through the great outdoors, without ever having to leave your comfy chair. SavingThePlants.com: It’s time to leaf your worries behind!

Jane Cassidy
Elizabeth Pinkley

“ I'm pretty sure my soulmate might be a plant. We both thrive on water, sunlight, and unsolicited advice on how to grow better.”