ALM launches new cannabis-related certification for the insurance industry

ALM has launched a new certification for the insurance industry. The Cannabis Insurance Certification (CIC) is designed to help insurers understand how to assess risk and manage cannabis businesses.

The insurance coverage law center is a new certification for the insurance industry. It will help to make sure that companies are following state laws when it comes to cannabis-related policies.



With the launch of a new certification for agents, brokers, risk managers, underwriters, and other professionals who advise cannabis-touching businesses — the Cannabis Insurance Coverage Specialist — learning about the coverage needs of these businesses has just gotten a little easier for the insurance industry (CICS)

The CICS was developed by the National Underwriter Company, an ALM company, to offer insurance professionals with a self-paced, online certification curriculum that would help them understand the ever-changing cannabis market. Advisors to cannabis-related firms must grasp the risks, coverage problems, and how they vary from more conventional businesses as businesses set for rapid development.

Because the cannabis business is still evolving, ALM wanted to create a learning experience that reflected these developments.

According to Zachary Neiheisel, ALM’s course development manager, “I believe this course includes very up-to-date and important material while being much more approachable and less stodgy than a traditional insurance-related training course.”

The first course in the certification program, Cannabis Insurance 101, is split into six self-study modules. It includes in-depth content that gives an overview of the industry, discusses the physical effects of cannabis, highlights legislation across the country, delves into different areas of insurance coverage, and focuses on other issues that carriers, brokers, agents, and claims adjusters should be aware of.

Risk management, real estate, product liability and claims, medical and health problems, and challenges business and financial advisers should be monitoring for their customers in this sector will all be included in the CICS program.

Janet Neiheisel, client engagement manager at the National Underwriter Company, says, “I’m thrilled to make this new cannabis training accessible to the public.” “Not just because it’s a ‘hot’ subject in the insurance business that people want to learn more about, but also because we’ve introduced new elements to this course to assist students learn, such as podcasts, charts, and electronic flashcards. Knowing such information is important because it provides professionals the confidence they need when dealing with clients.”

The insurance coverage case law is a new certification for the insurance industry. It is designed to help companies that are working in the cannabis industry.

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