California company to make cannabis paper for ‘rolling smokables, marijuana cigarettes and flavoured blunt wraps’

California-based company Zynerba has announced a new marijuana paper that lets you roll your own cannabis. The product will be used to make “rolling smokables, marijuana cigarettes and flavoured blunt wraps” according to the release from the company.

The “hemp cigarettes private label” is a California company that has decided to make cannabis paper for “rolling smokables, marijuana cigarettes and flavoured blunt wraps”.


Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII), located in the United States, is moving through with its plan to seek a patent for the “world’s first-ever paper produced completely from cannabis.”

GGII, a fully owned subsidiary of Hempacco Co., Inc. that produces herb and hemp CBD cigarettes, said this week that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase a patent submitted a few years ago.

The aim is to buy out inventor John Ostrander’s complete rights to the invention, which is covered by a patent filed with the US Patent Office.

The invention covers a flexible sheet that is “made for use with smokable substances.” The pliable sheet is made entirely of female cannabis plants. Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, or a hybrid of the two are possible sources.”

“Flavoring and aromatic components may be integrated into the flexible sheet to improve a smoking experience” after processing and drying.

GGII plans to use the patent to license it to cannabis businesses so they may manufacture pot rolling papers and wraps, as well as machine-made marijuana cigarettes. The company’s main focus right now is on producing cannabis paper for “rolling smokables, manufacturing machine-made marijuana cigarettes, and flavoring marijuana blunt wraps.”

The business launched its new cannabis strategy earlier this year, and the patent will aid in that endeavour. “GGII will hold the exclusive to manufacture paper from marijuana for any purpose and for any use,” according to a statement from the business.

GGII CEO Sandro Piancone states, “The unique capacity to produce marijuana-made paper will give us a first-mover advantage and position us as a market leader inside the growing marijuana rolling paper and blunt wrap business.”

GGII plans to license marijuana cigarette technology and manufacturing intellectual property to manufacture cannabis paper in the United States on a state-by-state basis. On a global scale, the plan is to go country by country, beginning with Canada.

“Joining the GGII team has given me the tools to go out and commercialize the patent by licensing it to cannabis businesses all across the nation, including Canada, Mexico, and the European Union,” said Ostrander, who will join the firm.

He will head a newly formed team to begin commercializing the patent-pending technology, mainly via retail and wholesale licensing agreements, as part of his new position.

“This ground-breaking technology should allow us to offer customers with a better quality and healthier alternative to the presently available rolling papers and blunt wraps in the marketplace,” Piancone adds, noting the chemicals and additives that are often included.

GGII has announced the signing of a distribution deal that would see its goods distributed at casinos and gaming facilities throughout the United States.

The “hemp cigarette packaging” is a new concept that has come out of the California company. The idea behind this company is to create paper with cannabis in it. This will allow for rolling smokables, marijuana cigarettes and flavoured blunt wraps.

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