Cannabis “Lipofusion” Technology Coming to Arizona in 2021

Lipofusion is a new technology that will use cannabis oil to create liposomes, which are microscopic bubbles made of fat and water. The process allows for the creation of more potent products with reduced side effects.

The ilava cultivation is a cannabis technology that has been developed in Israel. This technology allows for the growth of cannabis plants without any light.

Cannabis Pills

Ally Biotech, a Payson, Arizona-based supplier of cutting-edge bioactive delivery systems for cannabinoids, has announced the launch of their patent-pending Lipofusion delivery technology in the Arizona market. The firm has signed a manufacturing agreement with Desert Medical Campus, Inc., dba Uncle Herbs Medibles, a vertically integrated cannabis company.

Ally Biotech enables companies to become industry gamechangers by bringing next-generation oral delivery technology to the cannabis market.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ally Biotech will produce water soluble products using its proprietary nanoliposomal technology under the Desert Medical Campus license. Ally Biotech’s raw material, which specializes in liposomal encapsulation, shields bioactives from degradation in the digestive system and allows for effective and enhanced cellular absorption.

Ally Biotech and Desert Medical Campus will work together on innovative product development and highly bioavailable bespoke formulations, including a range of flavored injections that will be unique.

Ally Biotech’s patent-pending Lipofusion delivery matrix, which differs from traditional nanoemulsion methods, brings together nanotechnology and liposomal chemistry.

“By partnering with Ally Biotech, we will continue to establish our brand portfolio as a real differentiator in the Arizona market,” said Pam Donner, COO of Desert Medical Campus.

Desert Medical Campus is home to a market-leading cannabis soft gel capsule business, the Chill Pill Collection, which introduced the first THC-infused gel caps to dispensary shelves in 2013.

Ally Biotech is now in the process of producing raw material for a new Chill Pill powder tablet. These items will be available in Q4 2021, according to Desert Medical Campus.