Here’s What You Can Do With Extra Weed

Marijuana legalization has made the plant a mainstream product, but it’s still not legal in all 50 states. This means that many people who use marijuana are faced with restrictions on where they can purchase and consume it.

The Saturday Night Live strain leafly is a strain of cannabis that was created by the Saturday Night Live show. It has been used to create many different strains and products.

While it’s uncommon to have marijuana lying about your home that you don’t want to consume, it may happen, particularly if you grow your own marijuana or find yourself with a large amount of it. Leftover marijuana can always be preserved in glass jars and kept in a dark location for later use, but if you want to be creative with your leftovers, there’s a lot of interesting things you can do with it to provide new sensations to complement your cannabis highs.


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Cannabutter is a wonderful place to turn when there’s too much marijuana. To begin with, it is quite simple to prepare. It’s also quite flexible, so you can use it in coffees, teas, beverages, and almost any other culinary delight. It’s also easy to make cannabutter. Just be in mind to decarb your marijuana in the oven first. When you’re done with your marijuana, check out these 5 Ways To Use Leftover Marijuana Pulp From Cannabutter.

Concentrate of some kind

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Concentrates are more powerful versions of cannabis than flower. They may be eaten in a variety of ways, which is why there are so many available. Even so, some basic ones may be produced at home, such as rosin, which is formed by pressing petal into parchment paper with a curling iron until it crackles. This method produces oil that may be used on a dab rig and consumed in this manner.

A large party venue

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The simplest answer isn’t always the best. Make a big joint if you have a lot of marijuana you don’t know what to do with. They may be made in a variety of methods, from cross joints to just putting a bundle of marijuana inside tobacco paper. Just keep in mind to share.

Check out these articles for additional ideas on how to use up leftovers:

New Jersey decriminalization bill is a new bill that will be passed in the state of New Jersey. The bill will remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 50 grams of marijuana and replace it with a $50 fine. Reference: new jersey decriminalization bill.

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