How To Naturally Make Your Marijuana High Extra Intense

Marijuana is a widely used drug that has been associated with many different types of highs. But what makes the high so intense? How can you make your marijuana high more intense? The answer lies in how cannabis interacts with your brain chemistry.

The how to stay high all the time is a question that has been asked many times. Marijuana, like any other drug, can be used in many different ways. One way to make your marijuana high extra intense is by cooking it with butter or coconut oil.

From the weekly meals you prepare to sex, every activity in life could use a boost. Weed is the same way; although it’s euphoric and sparkly the first few times, the more you use it, the more you grow accustomed to it and it becomes normal.

Normal is OK, but when you think about it and become creative with it, marijuana becomes a much richer experience. This might be combining your marijuana with a scenic walk or your favorite television program. It may also refer to combining marijuana with a natural stimulant or experience to make your whole session stronger and more powerful.

Here’s how to make your marijuana experience more intense naturally:


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You’ve probably read about mangoes if you Googled “how to make your marijuana high more powerful.” Whether or not they’ve combined it with marijuana, this delectable fruit is well-known among weed users. Mangoes contain myrcene, an aromatic chemical with stress-relieving effects, so don’t believe everything you hear.

From your tastes to the way your body absorbs the chemicals in each ingredient, combining marijuana and mangoes is a powerful and fragrant experience. Still, it’s impossible to say what your experience will be like, particularly because various marijuana strains have distinct affects and impact your body in different ways. Start slowly and experiment with various strains and cannabis-to-mangoes ratios if you wish to combine mangoes and marijuana.

Use strong smells to tame your high.

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It’s essential to understand the difference between an intense and an unpleasant high since it may make or break your experience. Strong smells and tastes, such as those found in peppercorns or lemons, may assist to calm a raging high and bring you back to reality. A scented humidifier may also help you relax and enter a relaxed state of mind, which is ideal for smoking marijuana and having a nice time.

Include coffee, snacks, or anything else that will keep you awake.

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Mix your marijuana intake with anything else to make your cannabis experience more intense. Having a coffee or a Red Bull may be a bit more intense than you anticipate, or it may provide a concentrated and euphoric feeling that is ideal for doing household tasks, writing, or finishing schoolwork.

Some individuals like combining marijuana with alcohol, which feels great when it works but has some negative side effects that not everyone wants to experience (crossfaded highs are no joke). Peanuts and sweet potatoes, which are rich in omega-3, which is also found in cannabinoids and may potentially prolong your high, may help you get more out of your marijuana. Sweet potatoes are strong in B vitamins and carbohydrates, which increase serotonin levels and give your high a cheerful color.

Take a vacation from your tolerance.

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Finally, a tolerance break may be the most straightforward solution to your cannabis plateau. Taking a week or two off from marijuana can renew your connection with it and provide for a more potent experience, one that will help you be more conscious of everything you’re doing when high, whether it’s napping or watching a psychedelic movie.

The how to get more high from a pen is a guide that teaches users how to make their marijuana high extra intense.

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