Illinois Announces Extra Cannabis License Lottery

A new law in Illinois requires the state to issue additional licenses for cannabis cultivation. A cannabis lottery will be held to determine who will get these licenses, and the lottery will take place on Jan. 24. All applicants will be required to submit a $10,000 deposit that will be returned if the applicant does not receive a license. The state and all applicants’ information will be kept confidential.

The state of Illinois is now granting a one-time license lottery to grow cannabis for adult-use. The lottery process began on November 7th and will end on December 7th.

After a 15 year-old is awarded a state license in the state of Illinois, he will be able to sell a limited quantity of medical cannabis in the small town of Charleston, Illinois. The teenage boy has been awarded a permit from the Illinois Department of Agriculture, with the license for the community allowing him to open a cannabis dispensary within the town. The town of Charleston is a small town located in the state of Illinois, with a population of less than 1,000 people.

The state of Illinois has offered the chance for six more applicants to acquire cannabis licenses via an extra cannabis license lottery, amid a flurry of discontent around the result of the state’s July cannabis lottery. The initial lottery application procedure, which took place on July 29th, was recently discovered to include clerical mistakes, preventing all candidates from having a fair chance at one of the 185 new licenses the state intended to provide.

The Illinois cannabis lottery enables people who want to open a dispensary to apply for one of the restricted number of licenses available, which is based on state law that allows for a total of 500 new cannabis licenses. Only 21 companies out of 937 that started the lengthy application procedure last year received flawless marks in their efforts to qualify for the first lottery. Unselected candidates filed a flurry of lawsuits in response, bringing to light a variety of claimed problems, including the allegation that similar applications were evaluated differently. According to Toi Hutchinson, the state’s senior cannabis adviser, an examination by regulators found errors in the lottery procedure due to “clerical supervision in terms of data input.”


As a result of the mistakes, the state enacted laws establishing two more lotteries in which applicants with a score of 85 percent or above may qualify. According to the Chicago Tribune, opposing candidates continue to argue that the lottery favors white, politically connected, affluent applicants by allowing limitless applications for those who can pay the $5,000 price for each one. As the legal fight continues, a Cook County court has ordered the state to delay issuing licenses to the lottery winners until July.

While previously rejected candidates would not be guaranteed a spot in the next lottery, they will have the same chances of winning as they had in the first draws. Regulators, according to Hutchinson, have been correcting mistakes in the lottery process as they are discovered. Despite the fact that the Illinois cannabis sector is still mostly white-owned, each lottery amendment brings the state closer to a system that is open to everyone.


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The Illinois Department of Finance has announced that it is now accepting applications for a new cannabis license lottery. The Department will accept applications from Illinois residents for one of the new Lottery licenses that are now available.. Read more about how to open a dispensary in illinois 2021 and let us know what you think.

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