Marijuana-Friendly Halloween Parties in Denver

Denver has become a hub for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses, but what about the people who don’t want any part of it? This article takes a look at how Denver’s marijuana culture is growing on Halloween.

The “halloween party” is a cannabis-friendly event that takes place in Denver, Colorado. The event is open to adults 21 and older and offers a variety of activities for its guests to enjoy from marijuana-infused food to live music.

Marijuana-Friendly Halloween Parties in Denver

If you’re looking for some Halloween fun in Denver, look no further. You have a few cannabis-themed alternatives to select from, and the majority of these eerie, smokey gatherings allow vampires, witches, and everyday people to light up.



The Marijuana Mansion, an ancient mansion with a ghostly history and a skunky future, starts off the weekend with ghost tours and a private party, while 4/20-friendly painting workshops, costume competitions, and terp-or-treat parties will be held at cannabis cafes and private venues across town.

The following are some of our favorite cannabis-themed Halloween events:

Experience the Haunted Marijuana Mansion Marijuana House 1244 Grant Street, Denver’s haunted pot-themed mansion, is hosting Halloween tours throughout the month, enabling visitors to learn more about the home’s horrible history while seeing the refurbished and photo-worthy chambers. For $35 and $60, respectively, you may take a thirty-minute or sixty-minute tour of the house; no smoking is permitted during the excursions. Visit the mansion’s website for additional information.

You'll be haunted by good times at the Marijuana Mansion. - JACQUELINE COLLINS

At the Marijuana Mansion, you’ll be haunted by memories of good times. 

Collins, Jacqueline

Friday, October 29th, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Marijuana Mansion, 1244 Grant Street At the Marijuana Mansion, you can get a taste of the real stuff. Register for the HighTime Horror Halloween party, a four-hour exclusive event with infused hors d’oeuvres, bloody-mosas, prizes, and a $420 costume contest. Guests (aged 21 and over) are welcome to bring their own cannabis and booze; tickets are $55. However, act quickly since ticket sales end on Thursday, October 27.


Hemp-O-Ween Putting Competition Saturday, October 30th, from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Indian Peaks Golf Course is located at 2300 Indian Peaks Trail in Lafayette, California. This putting event, hosted by the US Hemp Brokerage and iHemp Manufacturing, will award $1,000 to the first, second, and third-place finishers, as well as a hemp gift basket to each participant and a hemp-wood putter to the winner. After the putting, Colorado Department of Agriculture compliance expert Margaret Foderaro will give a talk on the state’s hemp industry’s economic growth and international commerce, followed by an afternoon BBQ and Halloween party at the Hemp Brokerage. The cost of participating in the challenge is $50.

Halloween Edition of Tokes & Brushstrokes From 3 to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 30. 1130 Yuma Court, The Coffee Joint This year, don’t limit your inventiveness to your outfit. Dress up and attend to the Coffee Joint, Denver’s first permitted marijuana club, for a scary, pot-friendly painting class before Halloween. Tokes & Brushstrokes students will get lessons and painting tools for $49.99 ($69 on the day of the event), but anybody wishing to ingest cannabis must bring their own, as well as a vaporizer or dab rig (no smoking is allowed at the Coffee Joint). The costume contest winner will get a free admission to a future painting class as well as a surprise gift. On Eventbrite, you may learn more and purchase tickets (for those aged 21 and over).

Praise Jesus: Tetra 9 is throwing a pot-friendly Halloween party. - JACQUELINE COLLINS

Tetra 9 is having a marijuana-friendly Halloween party. 

Collins, Jacqueline

Halloween Flower Power Party with Cannabis Saturday, October 30th, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Urban Sanctuary is a yoga and healing studio in Five Points, located at 2745 Welton Street. For years, Urban Sanctuary has offered cannabis-friendly yoga and other contemplative and therapeutic programs, but the building’s owner is looking to sell. Urban Sanctuary has been given until July to collect the $580,000 required to purchase it, so owner Ali Duncan is throwing a marijuana-friendly fundraising party. The Cannabis Halloween Flower Power Party will include cannabis yoga, munchies, a costume party, and samples from 1906 New Highs delicacies and Lemonnade dispensary; all revenues will benefit the building purchase campaign, which can be found on GoFundMe. To attend the party (21+), please register here.

Halloween Party at Golden Meds Saturday, October 30th, 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Tetra 9 Lounge is located at 3039 Walnut Street. Golden Meds dispensaries are throwing a pot-friendly Halloween party at Tetra 9, a private cannabis club, where you can get down and toke up in your best costume — and do bring your best, because the costume contest winners will receive two free tickets to a Denver Broncos game, as well as glassware and other prizes. After requesting an invite, register for the party (21+) with Tetra 9, which will include a day ticket to the club. Passes are free if you dress up, and $10 for everyone else.

Sunday, October 31, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Terp or Treat Masquerade Mansion Party 1439 Franklin Street, La Mansión This exclusive Halloween party, hosted by the Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition, will include a live DJ, art displays, door prizes and giveaways, a cannabis cup award ceremony, and, of course, a dab bar. For $71, learn more about the Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition and request an invite (21+).

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a comedy film directed by Tim Burton. Saturday, November 6th, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. 400 South Logan Street, International Church of Cannabis Have you been bitten by the horror bug since Halloween? Less than a week later, the International Church of Cannabis will join forces with Unconventional Conventionalists for a live performance of everyone’s favorite interactive horror show. Prop bags are provided, and the church advises you come dressed up as your favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show character for added fun. Tickets start at $20, with VIP options starting at $30. (Pro tip: Although the church doesn’t allow marijuana usage inside, organizers aren’t very concerned with what you do in the parking lot.)

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