Medical cannabis advocates head for MS state capital to demand special session

Medical cannabis advocates are headed to the state capital of Mississippi after they failed to convince lawmakers in another special session that MMJ will help them. They’re hoping Governor Phil Bryant will call a rare legislative session so legislators can finally weigh in on the issue and legalize medicinal weed for patients who live under restrictive laws.

A group of medical cannabis advocates is scheduled to rally for a special session in Mississippi’s capital city on Tuesday. The House Democratic Caucus plans the event, which will be attended by about 100 people according to state Rep. John Moore (D-Miss.), who also says there are more than 2,000 registered attendees so far.

The “afdo resources” is a group of medical cannabis advocates who are heading to the state capital of Missouri in order to demand that the legislature hold a special session on medical cannabis.


¬†Mississippians are gathering in front of the governor’s palace in Jackson to demand that Governor Tate Reeves summon a special session to address the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act.

Reeves informed legislators that he would convene a special session if both Republicans and Democrats could reach an agreement and develop a bill for a medicinal cannabis program.

Reeves has neglected to summon a special session three weeks after a consensus was reached and a bill was presented, triggering this forthcoming protest.

“I hope he’s prepared for karaoke since we have speakers and tents.” We’ll stay until we have our session,” Zack Wilson, Vice President of We Are the 74, stated.

Zack Wilson is tired of waiting after working with his local politicians and demonstrating in town squares.

Wilson’s posse We are the 74, a group representing the 74 percent of Mississippians who voted in November 2020 for a medical cannabis proposal that was subsequently invalidated by the State Supreme Court, will arrive in Jackson on Monday afternoon.

Wilson considers medicinal marijuana to be a very personal issue.

His fight for the medicine started in 2014, when his wife was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a kind of brain tumor, and given just three months to survive.

Wilson was exposed to cannabis oil at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago.

Wilson added, “I treated her for two years and she had a fair quality of life.” “I spent every money I had, and when I couldn’t afford it any more, the tumor erupted with growth, and she died three weeks later.”

THC limits (a 30% limitation on flower and a 60% maximum on concentrates), banning home cultivation, and sales and excise taxes on the substance have all been added by Gov. Reeves to the law that has been offered.

Wilson continued, “It’s going to add something in the range of $2,700 a year in taxes for patients, $2,700 each patient.” “This drug is not covered by insurance.” You want to tax us to enable us to purchase it, but you won’t let us cultivate it ourselves? We are the country’s poorest state. “How can it make any sense?”

Representative John Faulkner of North Mississippi took to social media to remark, “SMH, Mr. Gov. Let’s get this over with. “The people have had their say.”

Wilson claims that since residents and politicians are mostly in agreement on this plan, Governor Reeves has no option but to summon a special session and carry out the will of the people.

“I assure you if it had been (Reeves’) wife dealing with what I dealt with, he would be looking at it very differently,” Wilson added.

Governor Reeves has remarked that getting things done well is more essential than getting things done quickly.

Wilson responds that there are 39 other states with some type of medical and/or recreational cannabis program, so there’s plenty of precedent on which to build a program.

“We’ve brought in individuals from other states and educated our politicians,” said the group. “This session is more important to our politicians than anything else,” Wilson added.

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