More States Now Allow Cannabis with Workers’ Compensation Plan

In the last few years, more and more states have passed laws to allow cannabis with workers’ compensation plans. This has allowed employers to reduce their costs without sacrificing any benefits for their employees.

The will the more act pass in 2021 is a bill that would legalize cannabis in all 50 states. If it passes, people will be able to use cannabis with their workers’ compensation plan.


According to a study of state laws done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a rising number of states now allow qualified patients to be paid for medicinal cannabis-related expenses via their workers’ compensation insurance (WCI) plans.

The federal agency’s researchers looked at the laws and regulations in 36 states that allow medicinal marijuana use. They found six states that expressly enable workers to be paid for medicinal cannabis expenses: Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. The courts in three of those states — New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York – ordered payments early this year.

Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, and Washington, on the other hand, are six states where workers’ compensation insurance is explicitly banned from reimbursing medicinal marijuana-related expenses.

In all other areas, the legislation is either silent on the subject or says that insurers are “not required” to pay workers injured on the job for medicinal cannabis-related expenses. WCI proposals in Arizona may possibly legalize medicinal marijuana.

Cannabis is a valid medicinal alternative for millions of people, according to NORML. “Our laws and regulations are increasingly recognizing this reality and adapting their policies to reflect it.”

The number of states that allow marijuana-related compensation is likely to rise in the future years, according to the authors, as “more employees petition state courts and administrative agencies for cannabis WCI reimbursement.”

Workers’ compensation plans are now being used to cover cannabis-related treatments. This means that more people are able to receive treatment for their injuries without fear of losing their job. Reference: workers compensation meaning.

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