New Edible in AZ Has Faster Onset and Lasts Longer

Cannabis-infused chia seeds are growing in popularity as a healthy addition to most people’s diets. The new edible has faster onset and lasts longer than traditional edibles, perfect for those who want a light high but oftentimes struggle with the heaviness that can come from other forms of marijuana products.

The “edibles meaning” is a new edible that has faster onset and lasts longer. The product was created by the company “AZ Edibles.”

New Edible in AZ Has Faster Onset and Lasts Longer


Select X Bites, one of the first edibles on the market, is now available. It is supposed to have a speedier onset, last longer, and have a greater impact, all thanks to improved THC molecule absorption and distribution. Select X Bites premiered this month at Hall of Flowers and will soon be available in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, and Nevada, with other states to follow early next year.

Select’s most recent product is a bold and seasoned cannabis user’s invitation to a new territory. This mix, designed for “seasoned explorers,” includes Select’s award-winning oil as well as a revolutionary encapsulation technique that replicates the body’s natural lipid barrier, allowing THC to be absorbed at a steady, sustained pace, resulting in a higher and longer high. Select X Bites feature 10mg of THC per serving size and will be available in Orange Matter, a creamy vanilla-orange taste. Select plans to release more “out of this planet” tastes in the coming months.

“Over the last year, Select has introduced a number of new offerings that are not only satisfying unique consumer preferences but also pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible in cannabis, and we are extremely proud to introduce one of the most sophisticated edible products in the industry through Select X Bites,” said Curaleaf CEO Joe Bayern. “Select was one of the early adopters of nano-emulsion technology in cannabis, which improved the predictability of edibles — now we’re lifting the bar and allowing clients to enjoy more intense edible experiences without sacrificing onset time speed or length.”

Select has been attempting to broaden its edible products so that all cannabis users have a number of trustworthy alternatives. There are four different types of bites in the portfolio right now:

  • Select Bites — A typical edible with 11 Hydroxy THC that has a 60-90 minute onset period and long-lasting effects. Passion Fruit (Sativa), Blueberry (Indica), and Strawberry Peach are the three varieties available (Hybrid).
  • Select Nano Bites is a reimagined edible. Users should anticipate a 15-30 minute onset period with mellow, more consistent effects because to the utilization of special water-soluble Delta 9 THC cannabinoids. Tangerine (Sativa), Peach Mango (Hybrid), and Pomegranate are some of the flavors available (Indica).
  • Choose your Snooze Bites — These delectable blackberry-flavored bites feature a unique 1:1 combination of fast-acting THC with long-lasting CBN for the ultimate wind-down.
  • Choose X Bites – These bites were intended for the most experienced cannabis users to offer the quickest, strongest, and longest lasting effects of all.

Select X Bites is projected to extend to other states, including Massachusetts, Michigan, California, and Maryland, after its first debut in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, and Nevada. Visit for more information about product availability.

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The “arizona stoners” is a new edible that has faster onset and lasts longer. It is made out of cannabis, which means it can be used for medical purposes.

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