Marijuana Lab Is Bringing Jobs to Rural Arizona

The lab is the first of its kind in Arizona, and it will be able to test for cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and more. It’s also a sign that cannabis legalization is working.

The onpoint laboratories snowflake, az is a company that has created jobs for rural Arizona.

OnPoint Laboratories, an Arizona-based cannabis compliance testing facility, is arguing for more technological investment in rural areas. 

OnPoint Labs, based in Snowflake, Arizona, where agriculture and education are the most prevalent industries, provides advanced-level STEM career opportunities. The company employs 47 people, with 22 of them being highly qualified scientists and technicians who make high and upper-middle incomes.

Over the last ten years, the technology industry has acted as a driver for economic growth and a higher quality of life. According to a recent story in Newsweek, the $2 trillion sector employs more than 12 million people in the United States. Despite the fact that rural regions account for 15% of the US workforce, they only account for 5% of national technology employment. 

OnPoint Labs, a geographical outlier, is at the crossroads of two high-growth sectors in rural Northern Arizona. According to a recent employment study, the marijuana sector in the United States will create 77,300 jobs in 2020, more than double the number added in 2019. After five states approved marijuana legalization proposals, opening up new markets, this year promises to be even bigger.

Many rural people with scientific skills have been able to improve their professional careers because to OnPoint Labs. Due to a lack of technological investment in the region, many current workers were overqualified in their prior jobs. Maria Olsen has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and had worked at Walmart before joining OnPoint Labs. Olsen is now an Assistant Analyst, earning more than twice as much as she did before. 

“In our area, finding employment that match my degree is tough. “I’m now able to put my skills to work for a business that shares my enthusiasm for research,” Olsen stated.

Not only highly specialized job searchers are finding opportunities in the sector. Sarah Cissom, a single mother and recovering alcoholic, was having trouble finding work in her tiny town. Her resolve to make the most of a bad circumstance resulted in a job interview with OnPoint Labs. Cissom is now one of the Company’s most valuable employees, with a salary of about $50,000 expected this year. 

“I had never worked in a scientific lab before my present position, but I am very grateful for OnPoint’s training and insight into this amazing sector.” Because of this employment, I am now living a better life,” Cissom said.

Another issue that rural STEM companies confront is a scarcity of housing to attract skilled workers. OnPoint Labs currently leases four houses to important workers and has paid for team members to stay in nearby hotels for longer periods of time until they can find accommodation. When elite talent isn’t accessible in Snowflake, OnPoint Labs may use this method to obtain it. 

OnPoint Labs has seen tremendous growth in the last year as an early mover in the cannabis industry. The Company is Arizona’s biggest laboratory, with an 8,000 square-foot facility equipped with cutting-edge technology and serving over 65 clients. 

To support its recent investment in redundant testing equipment and stay up with the fast-emerging medicinal and recreational industries in Arizona, OnPoint Labs intends to recruit an additional 18 workers in the first half of 2022.

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