3 Hockey Players’ New Dispensary, Ohio’s MMJ Overhaul, & Cannabis for Epileptic Children

The United States legalized cannabis in 2018, but its usage is still a complicated issue. Critics worry about the effects of legalizing marijuana on children’s health and addictions. On top of that, there are currently little to no options for those seeking MMJ without going through an expensive doctor’s visit or dispensary approval process. With this new legislation Ohio has provided three ways to legally acquire medical cannabis including self-care dispensaries with more access than ever before

Ohio’s MMJ overhaul has been a long time coming. The state is finally beginning to see the benefits of medical marijuana legalization. In just one year, Ohio has seen an over $100 million boost in revenue. With this new law, Ohio will now be able to provide cannabis for epileptic children and athletes. Read more in detail here: ohio medical marij 2020 list of doctors.

3 Hockey Players' New Dispensary, Ohio’s MMJ Overhaul, & Cannabis for Epileptic Children

A medical marijuana store was founded by three former hockey players, Ohio’s medical marijuana program is getting a major overhaul, and a research found that cannabis plants may benefit youngsters with seizures.

Let’s take a look at this week’s cannabis news. 

In St. Louis, a blues trio has opened a medical cannabis dispensary.

Brett Hull, Barret Jackman, and Kelly Chase have all joined the St. Louis Blues as players. The three is now collaborating on a new endeavor in the medicinal marijuana industry. 

Hippos Medical Dispensary, located in Chesterfield, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, opened its doors on December 12th. The site is Chesterfield’s very first dispensary. Hippos, according to the trio, can be a welcoming location for the many individuals that make up the Chesterfield community. “They’re your neighbors…your soccer moms…the suit-wearing fathers.” Hippos’ head of marketing, Lindsay Lockhart, stated, “It’s all walks of life.”

The launch of the new business has a particular meaning for Jackman. “To get through the day, I used every form of pain reliever I could find.” [Cannabis] has made a significant difference in my day-to-day existence. It’s allowing me to live the life I deserve.” Hippos, according to the former athlete, will give an option to community members who are also dealing with opiate addiction.

The Ohio Senate has approved a bill to expand the state’s medical marijuana program.

Ohio is one step closer to modernizing its medicinal marijuana program. Senate Bill 261 was formally approved by the state Senate on Wednesday. The measure will now be debated in the Ohio House of Representatives, where it will be voted on again. 

Most importantly, the law would empower doctors in the state to suggest cannabis to any patient, regardless of their medical condition, if they feel it will help them relieve their symptoms. In addition, the planned extension would provide cultivation permits to processors that have filed lawsuits against the city for previous rejections. Among those receiving licenses is a Cincinnati businessman with significant ties to the sector. Allowing producers to expand their facilities, deleting regulations that made it unlawful for dispensaries to advertise on social media, and releasing additional dispensary licenses to meet up with ever-growing demand are among the other changes in the measure. Sen. Stephen Huffman, the bill’s author, expects that these changes would help lower the cost of cannabis goods throughout the state.

Cannabis Reduces Seizure Frequency in Children, According to Research

Cannabis has been proven to help lower the frequency of epileptic seizures in children, according to a new research published in the journal BMJ Pediatrics Open. The participants in the trial were ten youngsters who had previously failed to respond to standard seizure therapies.

For one month, the youngsters were given a daily medical cannabis regimen containing 5.15 milligrams of THC and 171.8 milligrams of CBD. Researchers kept track of the children’s seizure frequency, changes in epileptic medicine usage, and the cost of the cannabis products they were using throughout this time.

Scientists discovered that cannabis decreased the incidence of seizures in the youngsters by 86 percent at the conclusion of the trial period. The youngsters decreased their usage of epileptic medicines from seven to one throughout the duration of the study. Seven of the ten youngsters who took part in the study stopped using their regular epilepsy medications. 


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The “Ohio’s MMJ Overhaul” is a new law that went into effect this year. It allows patients to purchase medical marijuana with a $20 card, which can be purchased online. The “3 Hockey Players’ New Dispensary” is a dispensary opened by three former NHL players in Colorado. They are the first cannabis dispensary in the state and it has been met with great success. Lastly, “Cannabis for Epileptic Children” is an article on how parents of children with epilepsy are using cannabis to help their children cope with seizures. Reference: $20 medical card online ohio.

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